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Streamlined Backshop is an authorized dealer for all major DCC manufacturers including:


CT Elektronik

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ESU-Electronic Solutions

Lenz USA

MRC Corporation

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Tam Valley Depot

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Model Options Information

Streamlined Backshop is happy to be able to work with you to secure all of the new and exciting models coming to market on a Pre-Order basis.

SBS stocks a fantastic selection of locomotives in all scales.  We also offer many other fine models on a catalog basis.

SBS also carries an extensive selection of Digital Command Control (DCC) decoders.
Most models today are released in a DC and Factory-Equipped DCC version.  We are simply not able to stock every option of every model at this time.  In the future, who knows?  Until then, we typically plan to stock the DC version since this is fairly universal and can always be upgraded.

We can also supply any locomotive on a catalog-order basis but this is limited to availability of the model at our suppliers.  Think Pre-Order here since most models sell out fast.

Because we stock nearly every decoder available today, we can quote a custom installation using nearly any brand of decoder in nearly any locomotive we offer.  

So, welcome to SBS4DCC Model Options …

Now you can purchase the perfect locomotive-decoder combo package for your fleet that matches your specifications.

Every locomotive in our store can be configured to your requirements prior to shipping.  Typical options include:

  • Standard DC
  • Decoder Equipped - Factory Equipped DC/DCC Decoder
  • Decoder Equipped - SBS4DCC Custom Loco (Request For Quote)
  • Decoder Equipped - Factory Equipped (Brand X) DCC Decoder (Contact Us For Availability)

Standard DC - This is a traditional DC powered locomotive.  Conversion to DCC is usually possible and most models today are designed for easy conversion.

Decoder Equipped - Factory Equipped DC/DCC Decoder - This option is occasionally offered by the manufacturers.  This is typically a locomotive supplied with a motor-only decoder that is compatible with DC or DCC, although technically all modern decoders are DC compatible.  This is typically used when a model ships with a basic DCC decoder having a only a modest set of features.

Decoder Equipped - SBS4DCC Custom Loco (Request For Quote) - Select this option to indicate you would like DCC installed by us prior to shipping.  It is best to request a quote first to make sure you get exactly what you want but not necessary.  We will contact you to discuss your project upon receipt of the order.  Please note that no additional materials are included in the price.  The decoder and installation package must be purchased seperately.  Standard shop lead-times apply for conversion.

 of the model.  This is typically a locomotive supplied with a high quality motor-only or sound decoder and comes ready-to-run from the factory.  These models are not always available so it is best to contact us first to determine availability.  Please allow us time to source the model as well as additional time for shipping and handling.  Also note that the additional cost for this option is noted in parenthesis.

Occasionally we will offer a model with specific options.  This can include a specific decoder, sound file or customization.  These are special offers from SBS4DCC and are not affiliated with the manufacturer.  

Examples of these include:

Decoder Equipped - ESU LokSound Select w/ Ditch Lights (+ $000.00)

Please Contact Us to discuss these offers in more detail if have any questions.

Manufacturers Website: Streamlined Backshop