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Tutorials, Tips & Tricks -->>


Email sales@sbs4dcc.comor call 317-201-4974 to discuss your project today!


Streamlined Backshop is an authorized dealer for all major DCC manufacturers including:


CT Elektronik

DCC Specialties


ESU-Electronic Solutions

Lenz USA

MRC Corporation

NCE Corporation

QSI Solutions



Tam Valley Depot

TCS-Train Control Systems

Team Digital LLC

Zimo USA


Be sure to contact us if you don't find what you are looking for.  We can ship most items in 5-7 business days.


Be sure to visit our YouTube channel at 
Streamlined Backshop Services to see video demonstrations of some of our projects.


Be sure to visit our store,Streamlined Backshop Services, where you can purchase many great items like DCC Decoders and Command Stations, DCC Installation Parts, Locomotives and Rolling Stock, Ready-To-Run Sound Cars, and our exclusive custom-engineered truck pick-ups.


Be sure to visit our friends at www.hoseeker.netwhere you can find parts lists and diagrams of all your vintage and contemporary locomotives.



Ordering and Shipping Instructions


Streamlined Backshop offers a wide variety of custom services.  We have tried to simplify the ordering, confirmation, and quoting process by creating sales ads for these services.


Please follow these general guidelines to insure we receive your order correctly and you project materials safely.



1. Email or call to verify scope of project and price


2. Create an account on our storefront so that we can assist with you order as required

3. Add service items to cart and review service specific options


4. Add additional items to cart (e.g. decoder, speaker, etc) as required for your project


5. Complete check out and select the "In Store" payment method

6. Review the order confirmation and order approval emails

7. Pack the item carefully to prevent damage during shipping.  Clearly mark the order number on the package or items.


   - Make sure the item cannot move around inside cases and boxes.  This is the common cause of damage we see on items shipped to us.


8. Shipping options and services such as Delivery Confirmation and Insurance or optional but

recommended.  We do not recommend any specific carrier but generally use the USPS for the majority of our shipping needs.


9. Ship the item(s) to:


    Streamlined Backshop
    22638 Pin Oak Drive
    Athens, AL 35613


10. We will contact you when the item arrives safely


11. We will contact you when the project is complete and make arrangements for payment and return shipping