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Streamlined Backshop is an authorized dealer for all major DCC manufacturers including:


CT Elektronik

DCC Specialties


ESU-Electronic Solutions

Lenz USA

MRC Corporation

NCE Corporation

QSI Solutions



Tam Valley Depot

TCS-Train Control Systems

Team Digital LLC

Zimo USA


Be sure to contact us if you don't find what you are looking for.  We can ship most items in 5-7 business days.


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Consignment Sales

Do you have a few extra pieces of rolling stock or other model railroad items that you would like to convert to cash?
Do you want to change scales but dread having to deal with selling and shipping your collection?
Have you inherited a train collection but have no interest in the hobby?
Let Streamlined Backshop Services help you disposition those items by helping you sell them in our store and/or on ebay.
As a life-long railfan, model railroader, and owner of Streamlined Backshop Services, I have over 30 years of experience in selling trains and railroad memoribilia on line. I offer this experience to help you get the best possible deal for your trains.
I have the experience to correctly identify your items and create professional sales listings that are easy to find by prospective buyers. I have a solid reputation for handling transactions quickly and accurately. 

Our Consignment Sales Policy is very simple and straight forward.  

Send us a list of what you have.  Be sure to include:

  • Scale
  • Manufacturer and Model
  • Road Name and Number
  • Powered (DC or DCC) or Dummy
  • Type of Couplers
  • Condition
  • Net Sale Price (The amount you want for it...)

We add a flat rate of 20% to the Net Sale Price to arrive at a Store Sale Price.

I will review the list and reply with a Consignment Agreement and sale summary.    I may also make recommendations to improve the sales potential of the item.

If you accept the Consignment Agreement, we will move forward with the sales process. 

First, you must create an account on  Consignment Sales will not be accepted for unregistered customers.  This is very important since we need to be able to contact you any questions or when the item sells.

Next, simply ship the items to us with a signed copy of the Consignment Agreement. Be sure to review our Shipping Instructions page for our recommendations on transportation.

We will proceed with making the items available for sale upon receipt of the shipment.

We will inspect and test the items and create the sales ads.  We may also use other outlets to sell the item including ebay, "yard sale" groups, or train shows.  Upon sales, we will process the transation and ship the item to the buyer.

We will provide a status review of your account on request.

We will remit payment upon sale of the items.  Payment can be in the form of a  check, Pay-Pal, or in-store credit.

The Consignment Agreement may be canceled at any time upon request.  Return shipping charges are the responsibility of the Consignee.
Email me at to discuss your consignment sales needs today.

Consignment Agreement Form




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