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I have received my Kato GS4 loco from you and I am absolutely delighted with it. The paintwork is superb and the sounds and running quality are fantastic.

Many thanks for a job well done.I would have no hesitation in recommending your work to others.


... Ken in Ireland


I just went to the train room and did a test run... It surpasses my wildest expectations. The motion (slow and smooth as you want)... the sound... the look... the lights, it is ALL THERE!  You do great work. 


PS: and my wife thinks I am going to do yard work and mow the lawn tomorrow... yea, right.     


... Rick in New Hampshire


I picked up the GP-15 yesterday and it looks, and runs beautifully, thank you for all your great work.  All the lights are working just fine. It is pretty spectacular with all of them on.


... Phil in Indiana

Thank you, sir, for your diligent efforts on this project, and for your marvelous communication which kept me fully updated. 


The mallet arrived this afternoon, and it was a delight to run it for awhile.  Thanks for a good job and lots of patience! 
I particularly liked the printout of the CV values.


... James in Arkansas

Just wanted to ... let you know that I'm more then pleased with all three locos.

... Jack in California


I will highly recommend your services and honesty.


... Walter in Connecticut


  I received the loco's today and am very pleased.  When it runs I think it sounds great.

  The F7B I ran in a 3 loco consist & am very happy with the results. I think your right about the volume.  Just a bit to loud. 

  Thanks for the photos with shell & tender off.  You really did a nice clean job.

... Jack in California


I'm very happy with the CZ set, great job.
...Chris in The Phillipines
The sound is fantastic.  Thanks again.
... Gary in New Jersey
I just came from a session of running my Kato E-8.  I must tell you that this installation is without a doubt the most fun I have had with any decoder.  That 'start-up' sequence purely delights me, as well as the range of sound available.  Did this come on the decoder, or is it some of your creative skills being shown?  Whatever, I just have to tell you that this is fun!!!!!!!!
... James in Arkansas

Just ran my newest boxcar and it sounds great!  I can hear it all over my layout from one position and that's about thirty feet away in some spots.


... Bob in Massachussettes

Wow, the sound car is fantastic!  You did a great job on this.  The sound is very clear and loud, it runs great and it's a perfect addition to my locomotive.  I'm extremely happy with your work.

... Ed in California

Well I just finished testing these out and they are pretty darn awesome!


I am very happy with the effects!


... David in California


I appreciate the quality of work that you performed; they run terrific!

... Jim in Pennsylvania 


Just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the work you did for me. I had no idea the sound would be that good.

... Bill in Tennessee 

... those F4W pick-ups work so great! Not only am I using them for new projects, but I’m retrofitting some cars / cabooses that previously had the ones from...


... Michael in California 

I popped your boom box car on the layout and the sound is fantastic.

... Al in Pennsylvania


Thanks once again and let me tell you it’s great to get to know a guy like you who one can trust. 


Thanks for a wonderful service.

... Kulen in Australia

I received my Con Cor, she runs great!

... Paul in Texas


I love the two IAIS with sound you did.

... Eric in Michigan


I just put the LV on the layout and consisted it (old consist) to the Mike.  It took off perfectly.
There is no hesitation, forward or backward...
... Al in Pennsylvania
Just wanted to let you know that the little BR 52 came in yesterday -- Congratulations -- your work is outstanding !!!


Again -- thanks for your very professional installation -- if you ever need a recommendation - just let me know.


... Gery in Oklahoma
I have to admit, we are most impressed with the EOT car. That came out fantastic.... Again, the sound car is great but the EOT car is incredible......well done !!  Thanks Bryan for all the help and the excellent workmanship !!
... Bruce in California

I got the RTR Portland SOUND car and it works great. We will do business again. THANK YOU.


... RON in Texas

RE Soundcar


Great job works perfect thank you.


... Tom in Pennsylvania



Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it.  ?It is what the customer gets out of it.


~?Peter Drucker