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Streamlined Backshop Services is an authorized dealer for all major DCC manufacturers including:


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N and HO Custom Sound Cars



Sound Cars are now available in HO Scale too!


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Streamlined Backshop Services is now offering our exclusive stand-alone sound cars with custom sound files for sale. 

Imagine celebrating the holidays and special events with a sound car singing your favorite song.

The possibilities are endless.

  • Christmas
  • Halloween
  • Fourth Of July
  • Happy Birthday
  • Circus Trains
  • Presidential Trains
  • Beer Trains
  • The State Song
  • Your Favorite Song
  • You Telling A Joke

SBS4DCC will convert your original material into a useable format based on the decoder to be used and then build a car to your specifications.

Imagine the fun when the grandkids over to see the Christmas tree and your train starts singing "Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer".  

Imagine again your T-Track layout at the local library and the Circus Train playing "Entry Of The Gladiators".

Imagine once more your N-Track layout at the local train show and the Presidents Train playing "Hail To The Chief".

It a guaranteed hit!

Best of all, the cars are built much the same way as out R-T-R Sound Cars.

Long gone are the days when you wished you could hear your N-Scale sound-equipped diesel or steam locomotive. My sound cars are so loud, you'll have to turn the volume down! The best part of the design is that the unit operates on track power by using my exclusive truck mounted contacts.


Look Ma, no hands, no wires, no batteries!


The benefits of this design include:


  • No hassle design means no wires, no batteries, no hands.
  • Cars can be consisted with any decoder-equipped locomotive any time.
  • Cars can be equipped with almost any decoder you choose, price varies by model.
  • Some decoders are programmable so the sound file can updated as desired with the use of the appropriate programmer.
  • Many different car types can be used including box cars, reefers, gondolas, autoracks, some hoppers, some tank cars, express reefers and box cars, RPO cars, baggage cars, coaches, RDC's, tenders and dummy diesels, .
  • The car body acts as a massive speaker baffle providing an incredible range of sounds and huge volume.
  • One car can add sound to your entire fleet for a fraction of the cost of upgrading each locomotive individually.

The unit can be equipped with a MRC, Digitrax, Soundtraxx Tsunami, ESU Loksound, or QSI Quantum sound decoder. The decoder will programmed to the sound file of your choice where applicable. The unit features 8-wheel pick up by using my exclusive contact design and a 1000uF capacitor for minimum sound interruptions. The speaker measures 14x25mm and uses the car body for a baffle to create plenty of sound. This beauty has all the bells AND a whistle (or horn) too.


Be sure to see the videos below to see just how cool these cars really are.  Oh, and just for reference, the video starts with the consist about twelve feet away.

Do you have a specific request for a sound car? Do you want a specific car type or brand? Do you want a specific decoder type or sound file?


Be sure to request a quote on your project today!


SBS Sound Car equipped with a ESU LokSound v4.0 decoder featuring a custom Happy Birthday sound file.
SBS Sound Car equipped with a ESU LokSound v4.0 decoder featuring a custom 12 Days of Christmas sound file.