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N-HO Scale Sound Car Kits




All of the individual components of the original kits are available separately from the store.

The most important part of the kit was the instructions which are now available for download here.

Thanks for your interest.



Streamlined Backshop Services is now offering our stand-alone R-T-R Sound Cars and D-I-Y Sound Car Kits for sale.  Long gone are the days when you wished you could hear your N-Scale sound-equipped diesel or steam locomotive.  My sound cars are so loud, you'll have to turn the volume down!  The best part of the design is that the unit operates on track power by using my exclusive truck mounted contacts.


The benefits of this design include:


  • No hassle design means no wires, no batteries, no hands.
  • Cars can be consisted with any decoder equipped locomotive any time.
  • Cars can be equipped with almost any decoder you choose, price varies by model.
  • Some decoders are programmable so the sound file can updated as desired with the use of the appropriate programmer.
  • Many different car types can be used including box cars, reefers, some gondolas, auto-racks, some hoppers, some tank cars, express reefers and box cars, RPO cars, baggage cars, coaches, RDC's, tenders and dummy diesels, .
  • The car body acts as a massive speaker baffle providing an incredible range of sounds and huge volume.
  • One car can add sound to your entire fleet for a fraction of the cost.



The kit can be used with a MRC, Digitrax, Soundtraxx Tsunami, ESU Loksound, or QSI Quantum sound decoder.  The kit is designed to be installed in a 50' Atlas Trainman Box Car but can be adapted to nearly any car in your fleet.  The kit features 8-wheel pick up by using my exclusive contact design and a 1000uF capacitor for minimum sound interruptions.  The speaker measures 14x25mm and uses the car body for a baffle to create plenty of sound.  Perfect for the Do-It-Yourselfer's in the crowd.



The N-Scale Kit includes the following items:


  • (4) SBS F4W-440 Truck Pickups


  • (4) Insulated Metal Wheel Sets


  • (4) 1/4 Oz Adhesive Backed Metal Weights


  • (1) SBS 4-40 Hardware Kit (includes 2 each 4-40 Nylon Screws, 4-40 Nylon Washers and #3 Kapton Washers)


  • (1) 1000uF 25V Capacitor and (1) 100 Ohm 1/2 Watt Resistor


  • (1) 14x25 mm 8 ohm 1 watt Speaker


  • (3) Red and (3) Black 32 ga 4 inch Wires


  • (1) Illustrated Instructions and Drill Template for 50' Box Car floor



This kit DOES NOT include a car, trucks, or a decoder.


Be sure to visit the store today for lots of new versions including a Micro-Trains Kit plus a wide selection of cars and sound decoders to make it complete.



You can purchase a kit today from my online store


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