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Streamlined Backshop Services is an authorized dealer for all major DCC manufacturers including:


CT Elektronik

DCC Specialties


ESU-Electronic Solutions

Lenz USA

MRC Corporation

NCE Corporation

QSI Solutions



TCS-Train Control Systems

Zimo USA


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Repair and Maintenance Services


Let me repair and maintain your locomotives and rolling stock for you.


A typical repair package does not include any repair parts or labor. Upon purchase and payment notification, I will provide a shipping address for your items. You then ship the items using the service of your choice. After receipt and inspection, I will provide an estimate for the parts and labor required to complete the job. If the estimate is approved, I will make every effort to secure the best deal possible if you choose this option. Labor will be billed on an hourly basis in half-hour increments at a rate of $20 per hour. If the estimate is not approved or the repair is not justified, I will return the items in the condition received.


I can also install replacement or conversion couplers as required. If you prefer Kadee or McHenry or other brand, please indicate your preference when you place your order. I will include the appropriate charges on the repair estimate.


Basic Engine Repair and Maintenance includes:


  • Engine or Rolling Stock testing and inspection
  • Repair Estimate emailed to buyer as required *
  • Unit will be held until work approved and payment received as required *
  • Locomotive / Rolling Stock disassembly *
  • Wheel sets removed and cleaned **
  • Gear towers disassembled and cleaned **
  • Motor brushes and comutator ring cleaned
  • Electrical contacts cleaned and polished where possible
  • Approved repairs completed per agreement with customer*
  • Front and Rear Headlight repaired as required ***
  • Engine chassis reassembled
  • Gears and motor lubricated as required ****
  • Draft gear modified and updated as required. Touch-up paint applied as required.
  • Conversion couplers assembled and installed.
  • Couplers and trip pins tested, gauged, and adjusted
  • Coupler pockets lubricated ****
  • Engine reassembled and tested
  • Service report completed and emailed to buyer *****
  • Return packaging and shipping




Please provide details and/or request a quote in advance if you think you might need one of the following options.


* - Engines will be tested and inspected upon receipt. I will provide a summary of defects found and an estimate of time and materials required for repair. I will not pursue the service on a damaged or defective engine without prior written authorization from the buyer. Locomotive repair services are available for an additional fee.


** - Wheels and gears are cleaned in an ultrasonic bath to aid in old lubrication removal. Heavy debris will be removed using plastic and/or metal bristle brushes or other tools as required.


*** - Additional materials including bulbs are available for an additional fee. All associated costs will be included in the repair estimate.


**** - Gears are greased and light hobby oil applied to other bearing surfaces as required. Coupler pockets are lubricated with graphite powder.


***** - Duplicate copies of the service report may be requested electronically for up to (5) years from the date of service.