Atlas N Scale OEM DCC Decoder Options

Last updated 240217

I am getting a lot of inquiries with as I write this in February, 2024 about all of the new DCC configurations of Atlas N Scale models.  The only thing clear to me today is that there is a lot of confusion on the subject.  I hope this helps...

Atlas has had a lot of options for N Scale DCC over the years so this reference is by no means meant to be all-inclusive.  All of that said, if you have a version of model you want to share, send me model info and clear pics plus any supporting info and I will consider adding it to this page.

Atlas has used many different terms over the years to market models that shipped as DC or DCC-ready or as having DCC or DCC and Sound installed at the factory.  Without a lot of research, I can recall Classic and Master Series, Silver and Gold, DCC Ready, LENZ or NCE Equipped just to name a few.  We'll see how this page evolves as I try to compile the information.


Atlas released models beginning in 2023 having either NEM662 - Next18 or ESU E24 jumper plugs.  Both options are standardized, plug-n-play interface connectors but as of this writing, the ESU E24 has not been formally adopted by the NMRA or RAILCOMMUNITY in Europe and ESU is the only source of DCC decoders using the interface.  I imagine both of those details will change soon enough.


NEM662 - Next18

Atlas FA1/FB1 (2024) - Atlas OEM Board 1914BM - The Next18 DC jumper board 18PIN-1 is located on the bottom side of the OEM board.



GP7/9 (2024) - Atlas OEM Board 1172-PC01 - The E24 DC jumper board 1172-PC02 is located directly under LED8 C8 and the model comes complete with a speaker so it is sound-ready.