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Streamlined Backshop offers a wide variety of DCC decoders and installation components for sale.  These products are differentiated by many features.  One of the most critical features and criteria for decoder selection is the electrical interface.  There is no right or wrong connector, only the one that matches the locomotive installation or best meets the needs of your project.  
The NMRA has developed a Recommend Practice document that is used by manufacturers to insure consistent application of the many decoder electrical interface connector types in use today.

NMRA Recommended Practices and Technical Notes

9.1.1  Decoder Interfaces  (1/31/2021)

S-  Six and Eight Pin Decoder Interface  (11/13/2020)

S-  JST-9 Decoder Interface   (11/13/2020)

S-  21 MTC Decoder Interface  (12/1/2020)

S- PluX Decoder Interface (7/7/2021)

S-  Next 18 and Next 18S Decoder Interface  (12/6/2020)


DCC Interface & Pin Out Information


Hardwire 7, 9, 11 single wires with free ends (depending on decoder type).




E24 ESU has introduced a new interface in 2021 with the release of the ESU 58923 LokSound 5 Nano NMRA DCC Sound Decoder - Hardwire.
Per Matt Herman of ESU, LLC, "It is a new connection called E24. It is lower profile and more narrow. The only decoder on the market with this plug anywhere is the LokSound Nano. We needed to go this direction to keep the height down, and the width down. PLUS... It allows more outputs through the plug. This was a limitation with the Next18." 


ZIMO MS540E24 Sub-Micro DCC Sound Decoder - ESU E24 Integral Connector



NEM651 - 6-pin 6-pin plug to NEM651 standard (i.e. "small interface")
nem651.gif 276-nem651-pinout.jpg


NEM651 - 6-pin Direct


6-pin plug to NEM651 standard (i.e. "small interface") directly on decoder
nem651-direct.gif 276-nem651-pinout.jpg



NEM652 - NMRA 8-pin

8 pin plug to NEM652 standard (i.e. "medium interface").

nem652.gif 267-nem652-pinout.jpg




NEM658 - PluX - 8 / 12 / 16 / 22 Pin

"PluX" (16-pin pictured) interface to MTC standard based on 22-pin plug and socket connections directly on decoder.
300-plux.jpg 361-wpicozwj.gif




NEM660 - 21MTC
NMRA-Marklin - 21MTC

21-pin interface to MTC standard based on 22-pin plug and socket connections (one anti rotation pin as index) directly on decoder

nem660.gif 278-21mtc-pinout.gif


Please refer to the 21MTC Connector page for additional details about the application and use of this connector.




NEM662 - Next18

18-pin interface to NEM 662 standard based on 18-pin plug and socket connections (one anti rotation pin as index) directly on decoder.

nem662.gif 430-next18-pinout.jpg




9-pin interface to JST standard based on 9-pin plug and socket connections directly on decoder.

148-9jst.jpg 430-9jst-pinout.jpg