Real-Time Stock Status Information

About SBS4DCC - Stock Status Information

… featuring real-time stock status and inventory information. 

Streamlined Backshop has an extensive catalog of products and services available to model railroaders.

We have worked hard to organize these products in an easy-to-find manner and have a modern website that reports the real-time inventory status of everything we offer.

The stock status can be viewed on the catergory pages...


... or on each item details page...


The most common stock statuses are describe as:

[ 1 ] pcs In Stock -- This is the actual quantity we have available to ship immediately.  Stock status is real-time and as accurate as we can reasonably keep it.

PRE-OWNED - [ 1 ] pcs In Stock -- This is used to highlight the item is Pre-Owned and not factory new.

In Stock -- This is used for products we have a lot of or use a lot of and really don't want to count.  

PRE-ORDER ITEM - Orders Due 100312 - Expected Ship 030113 -- This is used for new items that have been announced but are not yet available.

CATALOG ITEM - Call Or Email For Availability -- This is used for items we offer but are not yet physically stocked.  We can usually ship these in a week or so.

MADE TO ORDER - Allow At Least 7 Days For Assembly -- This is used for items make only we have an order for the parts.

CAR SOLD SEPERATELY - Allow At Least 14 Days For Assembly -- This is used for custom-made items that require additional items to be purchased seperately.

CUSTOM SERVICE - Call Or Email For Quote And Leadtime -- This is used for the custom services we offer like DCC installs and coupler installation.

Out Of Stock - Call Or Email For Availability -- This means we are currently out of stock.  Most items are reordered immediately but some may not be available any longer.  Items are also marked Backorders Accepted or Backorders Not Accepted to indicate those products that are generally avaialble and that that are made in limited quantities.

FOR REFERENCE ONLY -- This is used for informational pages that do not offer a product available to purchase.

So, welcome to SBS4DCC… where YOU know what the stock status really is.

Please call 317-201-4974 or email at if you have questions or require additional assistance about this offer.

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