ESU LokSound - LokPilot 5 Multi-Protocol and DCC Decoders - Decoded

Last Updated 240317

ESU offers two distinct versions of nearly every model decoder in their product line; multi-protocol decoders and pure NMRA DCC decoders.

To oversimplify the matter, multi-protocol decoders offer features consistent with the European market whereas the pure DCC decoders offer features consistent with the North American market.  Multi-protocol decoders will work with nearly any digital command station.  Pure DCC decoders will only work with NMRA DCC compliant command stations.  To oversimplify the matter further, a communication protocol is like a language.  Multi-protocol decoder speak DCC, Marklin Motorola, Selectrix, and Marklin M4; think of this as English, German, French and Italian.  Pure DCC decoders speak NMRA-compliant DCC; think of this as English only.

In every case, the two models are physically identical; they are literally the same hardware.  In every case, the two models use the exact same sound file; they are literally the same recordings.  The difference between the two resides in the firmware.  While both versions offer all of the great features that make the ESU decoder a great value and powerful decoder platform, there a couple of key differences that require explication. 

I should note also that many of the Multi-Protocol versions also include an ESU 50321 "Sugar Cube"-style Speaker 11x15mm 8 ohm 1 watt w/ Sound Chamber.  Information about which models include the speaker can be found in the ADDITION DETAILS tab in the product description.

I have analyzed the product manuals and CVs as they are presented in the LokProgrammer software and identified the key differences which affect (but not necessarily limited to) the following CVs: