The Original SBS4DCC Wheel & Axle Wiper Application Notes

Last Updated 240203


Collecting track power from your trucks has never been easier.

The unformed contacts require just a bit of secondary processing before they are ready for use. They must be formed into shape roughly as shown here. This can be accomplished using a variety of tools ranging from a pair of pliers to a Micro-Mark 16101 Mini Bending Brake, your choice...


Installation and assembly is easy.


1. Remove the trucks from your project and car and remove the wheels sets.

2. Drill a hole behind the frame bolster to feed wires from inside the car body to the truck contacts.

3. Feed the wires through the hole and solder to the lug on the axle wiper.

4. If using wheel wipers, place an insulating washer (or other non-conductive material) between the contacts.

5. Secure the contacts and truck to the frame with original screw or adhesive like Goo or epoxy or similar.

6. Install a set of metal wheel sets in the truck and make sure the right wheel is electrically isolated from the left wheel by checking for continuity between wheels with a multi-meter.

7. Solder the red and black track power leads from any DCC decoder to the leads from the wiper or connect the leads directly to light kit or other device.