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Custom Sound Files

ESU LokSound 5 Pioneer Zephyr Sound File

ESU LokSound 5 M10000-series Sound File

About The Author - USAF Captain Phil Dunlop

The Zephyr and M10000 files were authored and edited by USAF Captain Phil Dunlop, a bad-ass United States Air Force F111A fighter pilot, Vietnam war veteran, ESU file author (he literally wrote the manual for ESU...), and model railroader extraordinaire.

Captain Dunlop flew for the 429th Tac Fighter Squadron known as the Black Falcons..  Phil has over 2200 in the F111-A/F and flew 122 combat missions, 42 over Hanoi.  He was stationed at Mtn Home AFB Idaho, Nellis AFB Nevada, RAAF Amberley (Australia), RAF Lakenheath, RAF Upper Heyford (UK), and finally Fort Hood, Texas.  To quote Phil, "at 200 feet, F-111 gets down and dirty, and we didn't fxxx around".

We chatted a lot about life and politics and Phil is always good to give you an education on the topic of the day.  Many of you have gotten instruction from Phil on one of the ESU chat groups too.

You might have guessed I am passionate about the Silver Streak.  I don't even remember now how we connected to pursue this project.  I suppose it was just meant to be...

Phil and I exchanged about a thousand emails to develop the file and have exchanged about a thousand more over the years to support this offering.

Phil, thank you for making the Zephyr and M10000 sound files a reality.  You are one of the good guys...