SBS4DCC No-Obligation Backorders

Last Updated 240224
Streamlined Backshop invests heavily in inventory.  It's what we do... product availability is value we can add.  And as my old friend Lou once told me, "You can't sell apples from an empty cart".  
Unfortunately, there is a limit to how much we can invest so sometimes there is a delay in restocking otherwise available products.  Sometime products are just out of stock at the manufacturer and at SBS4DCC too.  As a general rule of thumb, the manufacturer does not indicate or provide a date of availability and frankly, in my experience in this industry, I wouldn't believe it if they did.
The best way to manage this situation is to create a No-Obligation Backorder.  This looks like a regular order but helps me be organized and guarantees you have the item reserved until the order is paid or cancelled.  
Please note that paying for the item in advance will not affect or improve availability and makes it much more complicated to cancel the backorder later.  I prefer this approach because it dramatically reduces inquiries about availability, its easy to manage and I do not have your money.  There may be cases where the item or value dictate different terms but I will address those unique situations when they arise.
Also note that this offer does not guarantee pricing in any way.  Prices are subject to change and placing a paid or unpaid backorder is subject to revision or cancellation based on the price of the product at the time it is available to ship.
Finally, please note that mixed orders (orders that have CURRENT STOCK and BACKORDER NOW items) are held until all items are available to ship.  I will not finance multiple shipments under any circumstance.
If interested, you can proceed one of two ways...
Reserve the items through the site checkout process like any other product purchase
  • Add only eligible products (products displaying the BACKORDER badge and BACKORDER NOW Add-To-Cart button) to your shopping cart
  • Repeating... add only eligible products to this cart (this order will not ship until all items on the order are available)
  • Additional items to include on the order
  • Complete checkout using the PAY-IN-STORE option as the payment method
Send an email with the following information
  • Shipping address (if not a current customer)
  • Item(s) and quantity
  • Sound file information as required
  • Additional items to include on the order
It is best to create separate backorders for multiple items as I cannot predict if they will restock at the same time.
I will send you a PayPal invoice when the product comes in.  Other payment options are available, this is just the most streamlined process I have found for this situation.  Please indicate your preference in the order comments or email if other payment methods are preferred.
Also just so it is said, some items will require payment in advance and are sold on non-cancellable, non-returnable (NCNR) terms. This situation is very limited and generally only applies to very unique or very expensive items that have limited marketability or demand.  I will contact you directly to discuss these situations when they arise.
Here is an example of the BACKORDER badge and BACKORDER NOW Add-To-Cart button.