SBS4DCC Ring Terminals

Last Updated 240608

SBS4DCC Ring Terminal 00-90

SBS4DCC Ring Terminals are designed for use in DCC decoder installations. The ring terminals, often called solder lugs, are designed to fit many common fastener sizes and have a solder lug to attach the decoder wire leads. The ring terminals are photo-etched 0.1mm Phosphor Bronze for a perfect fit every time.

Connecting your decoder to your frame is easier than ever. Simply drill and tap a hole using the appropriate drill bit and tap size in the mating surface of the frame. Then solder the red and black track power leads from any DCC decoder to the lug on the ring terminal. Last, secure the ring terminal to to the frame with a screw.

Finally. An clean and easy way to connect the decoder to the frame.  

This product can be used with any brand of decoder.  The SBS4DCC Ring Terminals can also be use in countless other electrical applications where you need a mechanical interface between wire and mating surface.