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Streamlined Backshop is owned and operated by Bryan Vianco.

I specialize in N, HO and O Scale decoder installations. I will gladly quote installations and repairs in any scale including Z, 2mm, Nn3, TT, 4mm, OO, HOm, HOn3, S, O, or G. 

I have a "loose" partnership with Steven Fields, owner of Streamlined Backshop Installations.  We maintain a "symbiotic relationship" of our own legal entities for each others mutual benefit and to keep matters of business and taxes simple.


I offer the following skills and qualifications and am confident you will be satisfied with my work.

  • NMRA Member #139539, since 20??
  • Bachelors Degree in Industrial Engineering Technology from Purdue University  (So yes... I am a Boilermaker!)
  • 45+ years of model railroad experience in N and HO scales
  • 35+ years of experience with rolling stock contract repair and maintenance services
  • 20+ years of experience with DCC and decoder installations
  • 35+ years of manufacturing experience including Engineering and Technical Services
  • 40+ years of experience in analog and digital drafting using AutoCAD and Pro/E 3-D Modeling software
  • References available upon request


Streamlined Backshop is fully equipped to handle all of your maintenance and DCC decoder installation needs. I have all of the necessary tools to insure an accurate and high quality installation. My equipment list includes: 

  • Markforged OnyxOne Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) Precision 3D Printer with 100 μm - 200 μm Z Layer Resolution utilizing Onyx micro carbon fiber filled nylon filament
  • Precision Matthews PM-25MV Horizontal Mill with X-Y-Z Digital Read Out
  • YIHUA 853D 5A-II 4 in 1 Hot Air Rework Soldering Iron Station and DC Power Supply
  • Hakko 926 Adjustable Solder Station with 900M Iron
  • ESU 50200 ECoS 2 Central Unit DCC Command Station
  • ESU 50310 CabControl DCC Command Station
  • ESU 50113 Wireless Throttle Conversion Set
  • Digitrax DCC DCS52 Zephyr Express Starter Set All-in-one Command Station/Booster/Throttle
  • TCS LT-50 Handheld "Layout Throttle"
  • Digitrax PR3 Programmer
  • ESU LokProgrammer
  • ZIMO MXULF-A Programmer
  • Soundtraxx PTB-100 Booster
  • ESU LokTester Decoder Tester
  • ZIMO MXTAPV DCC Decoder Test and Connector Board - Large and Small Scale
  • SPROG II DCC Programmer
  • Laptop-based JMRI / Decoder Pro 
  • ACCUTRACK II Model Railroad Speedometer
  • RR ampMeter
  • Cordless and Corded Dremel Tools
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank
  • Tidy-Track N and HO Roto Wheel Cleaner
  • Micro-Trains Coupler Assembly Jig
  • Micro-Trains and Kadee Coupler Gauges
  • N and HO NMRA Gauges
  • Micromark Arbor Press
  • Micromark Drill Press
  • Micromark Mini Bending Brake
  • Paasche Spray Booth
  • (3) Single and Double Action Air Brush
  • Full selection of hand tools as required
  • 4' Dedicated Z, N, HO, S, and 2-Rail O Test Track
  • 4' Dedicated HOn3 Blackstone Test Track
  • 4' Dedicated HO Marklin C-Track Test Track
  • 4' Dedicated HOm Bemo Test Track
  • 4' Dedicated G Scale Test Track

Retired equipment experience includes:

  • NCE Power Cab Command Station
  • MRC Prodigy Advanced Wireless DCC system
  • MRC Prodigy Express DCC Command Station
  • MRC Control Master 20 DC pack (plus several other for various use)
  • Roco Z21 Wi-Fi-enabled Command Station
  • QSI Programmer
  • NCE DTK Decoder Tester
  • NCE Packet Analyzer
  • ACCUTRACK Model Railroad Speedometer


I am experienced in working with all major decoder brands including CT Elektronik, DCC Specialties, Digitrax, ESU Lokpilot and Loksound, Lenz Digital Plus, MRC (Model Rectifier Corp), NCE DCC, QSI Solutions, RR-CirKits LCC, SoundTraxx, Tam Valley Depot, TCS (Train Control Systems), and ZIMO DCC.

I have performed maintenance and DCC decoder installations on products by most major manufacturers including Alco Models, AHM American Hobby Manufactures, Aristo-Craft Trains, Arnold, Athearn, Atlas Model Co, Aztec Manufacturing, Bachmann, Balboa Models, Bemo, BlueLine, Boo-Rim, Bowser, Branchline Trains, BLW Brass Locomotive Works, Broadway Limited Imports, Coach Yard, Con-Cor International, Crown Model Products, Fleischmann, Gem Models, Graham Farish, Hallmark Models, HobbyTown of Boston, Hornby International, Intermountain Railway, IHC International Hobby Corp, Kadee, Kato U.S.A., Key Imports, La Belle, Lambert, Lenz, LGB, Life-Like, Proto 1000, Proto 2000, Proto N, Lima, ESU LokPilot, ESU LokSound, Lionel, Mantua, Märklin, McHenry Couplers, Micro Mark Tools, Micro-Trains, MiniTrix, Model Die Casting, Model Power, MTS IMPORTS, MTH Trains, N.J. International, North West Short Line, Oriental Models, Oso Railworks, Overland Models, Pacific Fast Mail, QSI, Rapido Trains, Rivarossi, Roco, Roundhouse, Scale Trains, Shoreham Shops Limited, S. Soho & Co., Sunset Models, Suydam, Stewart Hobbies, Tenshodo, Tower 55, Trix, United, Westside, and Wm. K. Walthers,