Delayed Shipping Notice - USPS System Issues

Update posted 240421
I am still tracking every shipment from the Backshop to be sure my clients receive their order.  I can see that packages are moving through the system and that the total number of packages affected is extremely low.  99% of shipment are being processed regularly and are delivered with exceptional speed given the cost of the service.  There is no common denominator between affected or unaffected shipments; not size, not value, not location.  Some just get stuck.  My tracking list is changing and older the shipments are being processed.  Please be patient...
Here is some additional news I can share since Google is feeding me now.  It's affecting a lot of businesses...
Update posted 240413
I can see that my own package which has been stuck since March 23 and a second package stuck since March 9 are now moving through the system.  As stated, I am confident the USPS will resolve the matter in due time.  Please be patient...
Posted 240413 
Please note that an unusual number of orders received after March 1, 2024 are delayed in shipping due to processing issues at the USPS.
These issues are making national news.  From my investigation, it appears that the new Atlanta RPDC and Houston RPDC are struggling so badly that the US Senate has called for hearings to investigate the matter.

Based on feedback from the many local postmasters I have spoken to over the past few weeks, it appears the majority of my packages headed east are routed to Birmingham then Atlanta while packages headed west are routed to Memphis then Houston.
I have no control or influence over how the USPS processes a package.  Unfortunately, it appears a majority of my shipments are simply temporarily affected by these circumstances because of my location in world.  This is undeniably the worst circumstances I have encountered in the fifteen years I have operated Streamlined Backshop.
Historically, the USPS has provided an extremely cost effective and reliable service.  I am confident they will resolve the matter in due time and acceptable service levels will be restored.
Please note that not every shipment is affected; I am currently tracking less than 1% of my monthly shipments.  I received an email just last week from a client whose package too the same path as these... posted on a Saturday, delivered on Monday.
If you have received a tracking number by email, your order has been successfully processed and it has been tendered to the USPS for shipment to you.
I have taken time to personally investigate the status of every shipment sent since March 1, 2024.  I am tracking every delayed package I have identified to be sure the matter gets resolved.  I have also submitted search requests for each of these packages.  For the first time fifteen years, I have actually a received phone call or email communication from every single post master on the list.  That is impressive given my past experiences in these situations.
Please note your tracking number will show the status "In Transit" as shown here.  That status is not updated at every processing point in their system and it does not mean your package is 
On a personal note, Streamlined Backshop is directly affected by these same circumstances.  I have an extremely high value package being returned to an OEM that is stuck too.  I get it.  I feel the anxiety and disappointment personally.
Please do not scream and yell at me.  Please do not threaten me.  Please do not call me dishonest.  Please look inside yourself and try to be decent about this matter.  If you cannot do that... go love yourself.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.