SoundTraxx 885815 TSU-PNP 8 Function Tsunami 2 DCC Sound Decoder - ALCO Diesels - HO Drop-in AT-Style Board

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  • SoundTraxx 885815 TSU-PNP 8 Function Tsunami 2 DCC Sound Decoder - ALCO Diesels - HO Drop-in AT-Style Board
  • SoundTraxx 885815 TSU-PNP 8 Function Tsunami 2 DCC Sound Decoder - ALCO Diesels - HO Drop-in AT-Style Board
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SoundTraxx TSU-PNP 8 Function Tsunami 2 DCC Sound Decoder - HO Drop-in AT-Style Board 
**Be sure to read about Tsunami 2 Speaker Selection here.
A true pioneer in the model train industry, SoundTraxx has been creating innovative products for the discriminating model railroader since 1990. We proudly design and manufacture our industry-best products right here in the USA, and our friendly customer support staff work side-by-side with the rest of our product team.

The Tsunami2 TSU-PNP8

The TSU-PNP8 is a universal factory board replacement sound decoder suitable for use in many manufacturer’s diesel models such as those made by Atlas, Athearn, and InterMountain Models. It is suitable for a wide variety of models from HO to S scale.

This decoder includes a connector to easily add a CurrentKeeper (P.N. 810140 or 810160) to maintain performance over dirty track and switches.

Need Help Choosing a Sound Profile?

We have tons of sounds to match a wide range of locomotives. So many, in fact, we cannot fit them all on one decoder. Therefore, they are broken up into sound profiles of like sounds (Steam, EMD, GE, Electric, etc.). If you don't know which sound profile you need, the best place to start is the Sound Selection References. These will list all the prime movers or exhaust chuffs available on each sound profile. If you need further assistance explore these links:


For added realism, you’ll love our reactive Dynamic Digital Exhaust (DDE) feature. When your locomotive is traveling across flat terrain and simply maintaining speed, you will hear your locomotive chugging along. But, when the locomotive encounters a grade and the engineer applies more throttle to get the train up the hill, the engine sounds will automatically react and reflect the increase of power needed to crest the hill. DDE accomplishes this by calculating the changes in strain or load on the motor and adjusting the exhaust to appropriately simulate the work the engineer would be doing to the throttle of the engine. This gives Tsunami2 the ability to create the most realistic experience possible.


Our large selection of high quality sound effects include:

  • Up to 12 Prime Movers in each sound profile
  • Up to 12 Bells
  • 40+ Airhorns
  • Additional couplers, cab chatter and more!


Additional You will feel like you are in the cab with the amazing new features that Tsunami2 has to offer including: Reactive Dynamic Digital Exhaust, Functioning locomotive brakes, and train brakes. We also offer a large selection of selectable sound effects including: prime movers (up to 12), bells (12), airhorns (40+) and more!


This decoder includes a connector to easily add a CurrentKeeper (P.N. 810140 or 810160) to maintain performance over dirty track and switches.

Dimensions: 74 x 17 x 5mm
Max. Motor Stall Current: 2A
Max. Function Current: 100mA (each output)
Function Outputs: 8
Audio Amplifier: 2 Watt, 8-Ohm Load
DCC Track Voltage: 7V – 22V
Sound Channels: 16

Common Decoder Features Include:

  • Powerful 32-bit processor capable of 16 simultaneous sound channels
  • Adjustable reverb and equalizer for the most realistic sound optimization ever!
  • Train line charging effect
  • More powerful amplifier for increased volume range
  • Hyperdrive2 motor control
  • Functioning locomotive and train brakes with adjustable braking rates
  • 20+ Hyperlight lighting effects
  • 4 function outputs
  • Standard, 3-point and user-loadable speed curves
  • Flex-Map function mapping easily maps any functi on to any key
  • Compatible with NMRA DCC Standards & RPs

Steam Features:

  • Ten new or remastered exhaust chuffs in a single decoder
  • Dynamic Digital Exhaust with drifting feature changes under load
  • Rod clank and valve packing sounds
  • Adjustable exhaust cutoff
  • Over 60 whistles
  • Selectable compressors, bells, dynamos, couplers, and more
  • Fireman Fred sounds for coal-fired, wood, oil, or auger fueled locomotives
  • Locomotive servicing sounds
  • 2-cylinder and articulated settings plus new 3-cylinder exhaust chuffs
  • Cylinder cocks, blowdown and wheelslip effects

Diesel Features:

  • Each diesel version (EMD, GE, etc.) contains up to 9 manufacturer specific prime movers (Turbo, Non-turbo, etc.)
  • First ever Diesel Dynamic Digital Exhaust (DDE) for a more authentic operati ng experience
  • Startup, shutdown and exhaust through 8 notches
  • Automatic or manual notching
  • Functioning dynamic brake with variable load sound and adjustable braking rate
  • Over 40 air horns
  • Selectable compressors, bells, and couplers
  • First ever Fireman Ed is ready to work on the locomotive, with general service, cab sounds and more!
  • Clickety-clack, fueling, and authentic cab chatt er add realism
  • Prototypically correct HEP modes and steam heat for authentic passenger train operations

Electric Features:

  • First ever Electric DDE with traction motor whine
  • Pantograph operation sounds
  • Over 40 airhorns/air whistle selections
  • Motorman Omura provides cab sounds, operates doors and services the engine
  • Catenary arcing sound and lighting eff ect
  • Selectable compressors, bells, and couplers
  • Clickety-clack and authentic cab chatt er add realism
  • Trolley bell, stop requests, and door sounds for trolleys and tracti on models
  • Steam heat for authentic passenger train operation

Decoder Specifications: 

  • Preloaded Sound Files with Multiple Bells and Horns
  • Size: 2.91 x .67 x 0.19 Inch (73.7 x 16.8 x 4.8mm)
  • Connection: Universal HO Drop-In
  • Motor Rating: 2.0 Amp Max
  • Functions: (6) 100mA outputs (600mA Total)
  • BEMF: Yes
  • Sound: Polyphonic 16-Bit Processor, 7-Band Equalizer, Reverb
  • Speaker Rating: Speaker Not Included - Requires Speakers Rated at 2.0W, 8 ohm
  • Capacitor:  2-Pin JST CurrentKeeper connection
  • Protocol: NMRA DCC Compliant (Multi-Protocol Options Available)
  • Transponding: Digitrax Compatible
  • Additional Features: Digital Sound Sync, Fwd and Rev Trim Adjustment


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