ZIMO MX660 Micro DCC Sound Decoder - Universal Board-style Hardwire with Large Solder Pads

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  • ZIMO MX660 Micro DCC Sound Decoder - Universal Board-style Hardwire with Large Solder Pads
  • ZIMO MX660 Micro DCC Sound Decoder - Universal Board-style Hardwire with Large Solder Pads
  • ZIMO MX660 Micro DCC Sound Decoder - Universal Board-style Hardwire with Large Solder Pads
  • ZIMO MX660 Micro DCC Sound Decoder - Universal Board-style Hardwire with Large Solder Pads
  • ZIMO MX660 Micro DCC Sound Decoder - Universal Board-style Hardwire with Large Solder Pads
  • ZIMO MX660 Micro DCC Sound Decoder - Universal Board-style Hardwire with Large Solder Pads
  • ZIMO MX660 Micro DCC Sound Decoder - Universal Board-style Hardwire with Large Solder Pads
  • ZIMO MX660 Micro DCC Sound Decoder - Universal Board-style Hardwire with Large Solder Pads
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ZIMO Elektronik... World Class Motor Control... Exceptional Value...

ZIMO Sound Decoders are equipped with 6 independent sound channels, 1.1W sinus audio output at 11 kHz or 22 kHz depending on sound sample and 32 Mbit memory

ZIMO sound decoder offers an innovative concept for sound adjustment and optimization, which makes these procedures particularly simple for the user. The user can produce usable sound even without a computer or detailed configuration variable settings.

ZIMO sound decoders also offer all of the world class functions of our non-sound decoders: silent drive selectable between 20 or 40 kHz, adjustable BEMF, special settings for coreless motors, optional kph or mph speed control, constant stopping distance, HLU, ABC, advanced uncoupling functions, smart stopping (prevents stops on dirty track sections), updatable firmware, and RailCom.

ZIMO MX660 DCC Decoders offer the following features:

The MX660 is the universal board-style hardwire "micro model" for N scale sound in the ZIMO decoder range.  The MX660 is essentially the MX649 laid out flat with absolutely nothing on one side of the circuit board to allow mounting against any surface.  This revolutionary new format is perfectly suited for N scale narrow hood diesels and other applications where height and width are limiting factors.  The board-style format is only 9.6mm wide and 2.5mm thick and is blank on one side.  It features a robust 0.8A motor circuit, 1W amp, 6 function outputs with unique constant current design, and connections for external energy storage, especially important for uninterrupted sound.  The large solder pads make it easy to terminate hardwire connections from the track pickup, motor, and lighting functions.  As with all ZIMO sound decoders, the MX660 features an on-board energy storage capacitor and direct connections for additional off-board energy storage capacitors for the sound processor to minimize interruptions in playback caused by poor power pickup.  Best of all, the function outputs utilize a revolutionary design that eliminates the need for external resistors making it perfect for use with typical 3.2fV LED's.  The on-board capacitor and output design eliminate the need for additional components that consume valuable space.

The MX660 is the perfect micro sound decoder for narrow hood diesels because it is the thinnest sound decoder on the market today, measuring just 2.5mm tall.  The footprint is so compact, it fits easily into almost any Kato, Athearn, Atlas, Intermountain, or other narrow hood N scale diesel.  The MX660 will be perfect for compact HO scale models as well.

Decoder Formats:
MX660 - Universal Board-style Hardwire with Large Solder Pads
Dimensions: 1.67 x .378 x .099 inch (42.3 x 9.6 x 2.5 mm)


  • 0.8A Continuous-1.5A Peak Power
  • 2 - Normal Function Outputs
  • 4 - Common Function Outputs
  • All Function Outputs Are Constant Current source for use with LEDs (Current 5mA; External Resistors Not Required)
  • Voltage Common (+) solder pad connection for each function output
  • SUSI Compatible
  • 47uF Energy Storage Capacitor On-board
  • Direct Off-board energy storage capacitor support
  • 1 Watts Audio Power
  • 8 Ohms Speaker Impedance
  • RailCom compatible

RailCom is a Trade Mark of Lenz GmbH

* All Function Outputs Are Constant Current for use with LEDs (Current 5mA; External Resistors Not Required)


Be sure to review the ZIMO MX660 Micro DCC Sound Decoder Application Notes on my Tutorials, Tips & Tricks page.


Feature Summary:

  • 14, 28, 128 speed steps
  • 3-way adjustable back-EMF
  • Selectable frequency for noiseless operation
  • For all DC motors including coreless
  • 3-point or 28-step speed table
  • 5 digit addressing
  • All US lighting effects with programmable timing and dimming
  • Free mapping, NMRA mapping or Swiss mapping function control
  • NMRA bidirectional communication (RailCom)
  • Short circuit protection
  • Thermal protection
  • Reliable overload protection
  • User updateable firmware
  • Editable and updatable sound files


ZIMO Features and Characteristics:

  • Conforms to applicable NMRA DCC Standards and Recommended Practices.
  • Address range from 1 ... 10239, consist range 1 ... 127; Functions controlled by main or consist address.
  • 14, 28 or 128 External Speed Steps, 256 or 1024 Internal Speed Step resolution for incredibly smooth motor control.
  • 3-point adjustable speed curve (CVs #2, 5, 6) or fully programmable 28-step speed table (CV #67 - 94).
  • Top speed (CV #5) can be used even when the speed table is used (CV #67 - 94), which means that all entered table values will be reduced automatically (i.e. to 80% if CV #5 holds a value of 200 instead of 252).
  • Switching Mode button function - Selectively switches to low speed and/or reduces or even removes programmed momentum.
  • Multiple CV sets, predefined or self-defined: by storing more than one CV set, a locomotive can quickly and easily be changed for various duties that require different CV settings (i.e. single locomotive or consist, layout at home or club etc.)
  • Supports Operations Mode (Program On Main) and Service Mode (Program Track) CV Programming.
  • Special programming mode called "Pseudo Programming" for Digitrax, Lokmouse-2 and other systems with only 2-digit display (up to 99).
  • Hard reset with CV #8 = 8; Optional hard reset to Alternate CV Set or sound project with CV #8 = 0.
  • Automatically recognizes and switches between the MOTOROLA and DCC protocols.
  • Operates with standard DC analog power packs, PWM power packs, and DC power supply. Motor regulation and momentum are also available in analog operation.
  • AC analog operation with Marklin transformers.  ZIMO decoders recognize the power surge that initiates a direction change.
  • User Updatable - Install the latest firmware yourself, in minutes, at no charge and without opening the locomotive. All ZIMO decoders come with this feature (including function and accessory decoders).  The new firmware is always available at no charge from the ZIMO or ZIMODCC web site. (Requires MX10, MXULFA, or other device)

ZIMO Safety Features:

  • Reliable high voltage protection and short circuit protection for motor and function outputs.
  • Thermal protection (100 - 120 C), shuts decoder down and notifies user with flashing headlights.
  • Models available for use with track voltage up to 35 V (MX644, MX699).

ZIMO Motor Control Features:

  • ZIMO Silent Drive motor control with Self-Optimization and numerous settings for manual optimization:
    • PID parameters
    • Reduce or cut regulation
    • Reduce or cut regulation above defined speed
    • Modify EMF sampling rate.
  • Realistic momentum:
    • Standard momentum (CV #3 and 4)
    • ZIMO exponential (nonlinear) momentum for extremely prototypical acceleration and deceleration
    • ZIMO adaptive acceleration to prevent startup jolt
  • High frequency Silent Drive motor control, selectable between 20 or 40 kHz, suitable for use with:
    • Standard DC motors
    • Coreless motors (Faulhaber, Maxxon...)
    • Difficult cases, such as the round Fleischmann motor
    • Old motors requiring low frequency 30 - 150 Hz
    • C-Sinus and SoftDrive motors as found in Marklin/Trix locos
  • The Self-Optimization feature of the decoder automatically tunes the motor control parameters of the decoder to the locomotive.
  • Designed to startup at extremely low threshold voltage.
  • Adjustable compensation for gear backlash during direction changes to eliminate startup jolt.
  • Mph or km/h speed control. Each speed step (1 - 128) is interpreted as 0.5 mph, 1 mph or 2 mph (for high speed trains). All locomotives on the layout are adjusted by means of a semi-automatic calibration section (i.e. 160 scale-yards = 72.83 on the layout). In operation, the speed is kept as exact as possible by continuously recalculating and readjusting it.
  • Special circuitry to prevent interference from capacitors, choke coils, which are often found on motors.  In some cases removal of these components may still be beneficial (See Decoder Manual).
  • Uninterrupted operation (no stalling, stopping and new startup) during continuity interruptions of up to 1 second.  All current models of ZIMO decoders have Common (+) and Ground (-) pads available for adding external capacitors.  Many ZIMO decoders have special circuitry for adding external capacitors (SPEIKOMP, SPEIGOMP) which minimizes programming interference.
  • Uninterrupted operation on dead track sections. The decoder firmware prevents the loco from stopping when track power is lost, even while the loco is coming to a scheduled stop. This ensures that the loco can start up again even after the capacitors dissipated the stored electricity.  Note: Requires external energy storage module MXSPEIK or MXSPEIG, other similar products or self-made modules connected to the decoder.

ZIMO Function and Function Output Features:

  • 4-15 Normal function outputs and logic-level outputs, depending on decoder type.
  • 2-4 Low voltage 5.0V servo outputs, depending on decoder type.
  • SUSI interface for the connection of other external modules, most often sound modules.
  • NMRA function mapping.
  • ZIMO Free Function Mapping procedure (CV #61=98) enables mapping of any output to any function key, directional or non-directional, which is not possible with NMRA function mapping.
  • ZIMO Swiss Function Mapping (CV #61=...) for special cases such as direction dependent taillights and cab light in Swiss engines.
  • Numerous special effects:
    • Soft start for function outputs
    • Function output dimming
    • Function dependent low/high beam
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